Orchestra (with and without chorus)

Buffalo Run, for orchestra, commissioned by the Tulsa Youth Symphony Orchestra for its 50th season, 2014

Marche Académique, orchestra version, 2012

Symphony No. 2 Oklahoma Peoples in Trial and Triumph, 2011

Concerto for Oboe, English Horn and String Orchestra, 2009

Symphony No. 1, Echoes of War—Visions of Peace, 2005

The Exile's Return (suite from Ballet), 1997

Mixed Chorus (SATB)

Zechariah's Blessing, Advent anthem for mixed chorus, harp, handbells, and cello, 2012

Nations Shall Walk in the Light, 2004

The Former Things Are Passed Away (for Arpad Darazs), mixed chorus, string quartet and piano, 2004

And Thou America, for chorus, organ, brass quintet, and timpani, texts by Walt Whitman and the Bible, 2002

O Taste and See, for mixed chorus and piano or organ, 2002

Tempests Round Us Gather, after paintings by Albert Pinkham Ryder, 2001

Make His Praise Glorious, for chorus, organ and brass, 2000

Will Rogers Self-Portrait, 1998; orchestral version, 2007

They That Sow in Tears, choral anthem, 1994

Lonely People of the Osage, for a cappella mixed chorus, after poem by Winston Weathers, 1991

Psalm of Thanksgiving, for a cappella chorus, 1985

Treble Chorus and Voice

Lone Wandering, for treble chorus and piano, poem by William Cullen Bryant, 2011

The Psalmist's Love, for treble chorus (SSAA) and Harp, or Piano, 2003

Songs After Women Poets, for soprano (and optional flute) and piano, 1998-2006

Adrift, for treble chorus (SSA) and piano, texts by Emily Dickinson, 1993

Concert Band/Wind Ensemble

Overture for Debbi, in memory of flutist Debbi Turner, 2010

Triumphant Overture, 1995

Chamber/Instrumental (with and without Dance)

Rondino, for clarinet and string quartet/string quartet/viola-cello duo/or cello duo, 2012; version for oboe and string orchestra, 2013

The Wanderings of Ayumi, for oboe and harp, 2010

Trio for Violin, and Violoncello, and Piano (for Louis Ballard), 2007; Oklahoma Music Teachers Association Commissioned Composers' Award, 2007

Soliloquy for Tuba Solo, in memory of the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, 2002; version for Trumpet, 2003

Sonata for Violin and Piano, premiered by violinist Derry Deane, 1998

Portrait of a Cat, for flute/piccolo (or violin), clarinet, bassoon, and dancer, 1997

Marche Academique, for brass quintet, 1991, for Phi Beta Kappa

Three Daydreams for Woodwind Quintet, Seesaw Music, Inc., 1990

Other Works for Piano or Organ

Notturno for Piano Left Hand, commissioned by the Signature Symphony, 2013

Variations for Piano, 1996

The People That Walked in Darkness: Prelude and Fugue for Organ Solo,1993

Fantasy, for piano, 1995

Toccata, for piano, Seesaw Music, Inc., 1990

(Additional piano music under Discography/Nuova Avventura.)