Samplings of Concert and Stage Music

Buffalo Run

Wahzhazhe: An Osage Ballet (excerpts)

The Notice (move from Kansas)

Boarding School

Masters of the Battlefield

We Walk in Two Worlds

Symphony No. 2, "Oklahoma Peoples in Trial and Triumph" (excerpts)

The “Trail Where We Cried” (Cherokee Trail of Tears)

Land and Oil Rush

Lydie Marland (Theme)

Lydie Lost and Return

Nightmare in Greenwood (Tulsa Race Riot of 1921)


Symphony No. 1, "Echoes of War-Visions of Peace"

Overture for Debbi (concert band/wind ensemble)

The Wanderings of Ayumi (oboe and harp)

Lone Wandering (treble chorus, SSA)

Prairie Dreams (opera)

Ellie's Aria

Harvest Festival

Will Rogers Self-Portrait (mixed chorus, SATB, orchestra or piano)

Lonely People of the Osage (mixed chorus, SATB)

Trio for Violin, Violoncello, and Piano

I. Wind, Waters, Sky

II. Agehya's Love

III. Forest Journey

Concerto for Oboe, English Horn, and String Orchestra

I. Fear

II. Passionate Hope

III. Rondo: Rollicking Dance

The Exile's Return, orchestral ballet in five scenes, 1997

I. Music from Scene One, "The Peasant Daughter"